The tale of the great Peruvian adventure

by: , Canadian -
August 09, 2015

Memories all started in Mollepata where glaciers and wild horses filled our sight. We met the wonderful Alessandro and Anne Marie as they provided us with their caring and supporting ways.

Even during the hardest parts of the trek, we all knew that we could count on them to push us further and simultaneously provide us with undying encouragement. From the glaciers, to the wild jungles of Peru, and finally, to the sacred Machu Picchu, this experience will forever remain in my heart, soul and body.

The people of Peru are on a next level of human. They represent storytellers, people who's history perpetuates through their blood and in turn, saturates the lives of us tourists.

I will forever be grateful for this experience, and it wouldn't be this unforgettable without the deep Peruvian insight and storytelling of Alessandro, and Anne Marie's nurturing and considerate nature .

Thank you for this experience.

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