Travel much and travel often

by: , American -
May 22, 2017

We had the most amazing time on our tour. We were pushed physically and rewarded by the views, the people and the experiences.

It's easy to come to Peru and be a tourist, but it's not easy to fully emerge yourself in the culture and go with the flow. The weather changes, the days are long, 47 miles later you're wondering how your feet are still working. But they are, and you realize you're having the greatest time.

From listening to avalanches as I slept, to jungle flowers and hammocks, to late night card games and early morning group breakfasts, this is one trip I will never forget and I'm truly thankful I took on the challenge and enjoyed the ride.

Juan Carlos was the best tour guide we could have asked for and I feel very lucky and safe that we had his guidance and personality throughout the week.

Thanks again for a great trip! I'll be back.

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