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by: , USA -
July 23, 2012

After crossing the top of the hill at the Sun Gate overlooking Machu Pichu my breath was taken away at the sight of the city below. This view was not something that was merely paid for. It was earned. Through the four day trek with Inca Trail Reservations I had the chance to catch a real glimpse of what the Inca culture really was.

The trail crosses over high barren mountaintops and down through low rainforest jungle. Every day presented a new challenge in itself as the team battled with low oxygen, extreme cold, and countless stairs.

The team that set out consisted of sixteen trekkers, 17 porters, and two guides. We really owe a great deal to the porters for their hard work and gracious attitudes. They would be the first ones awake and the last to sleep every night to ensure we had a safe and enjoyable time. And on top of that the guides (Ruben and Ronald) worked around the clock to make sure the we all were safe and happy.

I would recommend Inca Trail Reservations to anyone seeking a true Peruvian adventure that will challenge the mind body and soul while building many friendships along the way... thanks

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