Trekking in the mountains

by: , Canadian -
August 06, 2014

This was an amazing trip. We had a lot of fun, a wonderful experience. We did not take recommended amount of time to acclimate in Cusco so the first few days were quite tough on us. But once we hit the peak on our second day, it was a lot more enjoyable.

The accommodations were quite generous and the guides were quite knowledgeable. The food were cooked fresh and always very tasty, though it would be nice if there were more vegetables served. One thing that really bugged me is the lack of toilet seats in almost all the washrooms we passed through. This made it incredibly uncomfortable to use the toilet.

Overall, loved the trip, met a lot of new friends and an awesome experience. Definitely recommend for anyone that want to challenge themselves for a 5 day hike. The experience and the view is worth the muscle soreness :)

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