Unforgettable moments

by: , British -
September 07, 2014

The trip has been fantastic. The Salkantay trek is a much more challenging trek than I thought having climbed Kilimanjaro and the Atlas Mountains. I assumed that it would not be as hard and I wish I had trained more as the difference here is that you start the trek at a higher altitude than the others and so the acclimatization is harder.

The trek is varied and goes through beautiful countryside but the way down from the summit is long and hard. However that said, I personally had a great time and I love the region and the trek was, as I said, fantastic. The food was very high quality an the guides that we had were very good, very caring and very knowledgeable.

I would definitely recommend this to all my friends and the fact that I haven't even seen Machu Picchu yet speaks volumes. I hope that I can return again and I have loved the experience.

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