“Vamos a la playa!”

by: , Swedish -
March 06, 2016

From the moment we were approached the service was extremly professional and curtíos in their approached to the experience.

I had some difficult requests regarding food and they really delivered!!

Unfortunately I injuria my ankle on the second day and Américo, Fran and the entire crew really pulled their expertise out of the bag and figured out how to deal with the injury on a extremly proffesional level and still taking customer service very important which made the injury much more comfortable to deal with physically and emotionally no matter how hard it got.

I look forward to bringing my family along in the nexo year or so to share this once in a lifetime experience which really deserve a recognition for experience, customer service, and quality in all aspects!

Thank you so much for getting me to the finish Line and bringing the wonderful atmosphere!

Till next time!!! :) :)

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