we hiked the entire Inca Trial

by: , American -
July 23, 2012

It´s hard to believe that we hiked the entire Inca Trial, but my friends and I did! With Ruben (Poncho) leading the trek, and Ronald following to make sure there were no stray hikers, we took on the challenge of the 49 kilometers.

I was very impressed with Inca Trail Reservations ´ organization of the trek, and I would fully recommend them to anyone who is adventurous enough to hike the Inca trail. The porters were very helpful and one even took the time to find a pair of scissors for me when I was struggling to open water purifying tablet packages. They very impressively carried so much food, tents, and chairs up and down the mountains we hiked on, as well as cooked very delicious meals as we camped. Excellent popcorn while camping was a new concept to me. Both Ruben and Ronald made the hike particularly fascinating, with Ruben pointing out all of the ancient Inca structures. He seemed very knowledgeable about the history of each of the locations, and even took the time to let me practice Spanish with him.

It was so exciting to come over the sun gate and see Machu Picchu and know that we had hiked the entire trail. Thank you Inca Trail Reservations, and especially Ruben and Ronald for making the trek challenging, yet enjoyable!

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