Wow moments

by: , Australian -
December 04, 2014

What an experience with an amazing group and great guides. Day 1 was all about the easy trip and the best mafia tea party with the ladies of the night. Day 2 started off with a lot of sweating and swearing taking on Dead's Woman Pass but with our awesome group we finished with smiles all around after a group Zumba class by the river and some Pisco to share round the table.

Day 3 we all made it past the Gringo Killer, watched our mate become a porter for 10 mins, laughed at Sam who stood in poop and passed a llama and ended the day with some cards and a great last supper. Day 4 despite waking up at 3 am we were stoked to be the 2nd group in the line to get to the Sun Gate and the rest of the day was filled with wow moments. Thanks for such an amazing adventure !

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