a great experience became a SUPER one

by: , united states -
July 08, 2012

what could have been a great experience became a SUPER one thanks to Ramiro management and great team of porters specially Mr. Christopher who surprised us with his fantastic cooking. All the porters were more than accommodating and went beyond their way to provide your need.

looking back, I would have taken a knee strap for third day and make sure that I have the duck tape handy in case. The ski gloves and hats are not a bad idea.

Hike to dead women's pass was not as difficult as I imagined than again I only carried 20 LBS in my back pack as the porter I hired for that day carried the rest ( 18 LBS), please consider porter for second day and third day and if you are not well conditioned please hire the full porter for the entire trip.

My other recommendation is to watch a lot of documentary as digesting all the information in three days is impossible. if you want to get some more ideas please go to you tube as there are a few good clips about the four day hike!

The best day for me was the third day as the scenery where fantastic! Arriving to Sun gate at six AM was an Avalon feeling.

I Will take this trip again,

Shawn Bayat

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