A spiritual experience

by: , Canadian -
July 07, 2012


Walking the Inca Trail was the trip of a lifetime. I am not the fittest person but it was a goal I set myself and was determined to achieve.

We set out from Cusco to our starting point at Piscacucho, after a quick breakfast in Piscacucho we got back in the private bus and drove to our start point further down the road.

The first day was a gradual uphill with small villages and plenty of rest stops. I was impressed straight away by the speed of the porters and the loads that they carried... truly amazing, as I myself could not imagine caring 25 kgs, and beating us to the camp sites and setting up all the equipment once they arrived, it made camping more pleasurable.

The meals they served were delicious and everyone was well feed.

I wore sneakers for the first day but glad I had bought my hiking boots and hiking poles for the other days with a lot of up and down hill also I would recommend thermals and waterproof outer layer.

The ruins were amazing and the guides had a very good understanding of what life was like for the Incas and how their society was run and their traditions.

I would recommend using Inca Trail Reservations to my friends as they made it a great experience.


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