A new family

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July 27

This five day tour is an experience I will never forget. And that is because of many reasons: first of all our guide, Victor, was amazing all the way. He was positive every single day, even the days where it was raining and he could see that the group was tired. An American family got very sick, but if I was in their shoes I would have been feeling so safe in his hands.

Victor had a plan for every day and knew a lot about the area we were hiking in. Of course the nature was amazing, mountains and glaciers like I have never seen before. But the thing I will remember the strongest about this fantastic trek will be the group. From the first day Victor called us a little family and that was what we became.

During the hike everybody would take care of each other, during lunch we would laugh and tell stories from our different home countries and in the night after a long and tough day we would all be tired but smiling because our camaraderie will be so strong. We are all in different ages and with different backgrounds but we had such a nice time together I will never forget. A big part of that was because of Victor. Thank you for this beautiful adventure!

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