Victor rocks

by: , Canadian -
July 27, 2014

I thoroughly enjoyed our experience on this trip. Our guide Victor was amazing. He was so positive, spoke wonderful English and was able to tell us so much information about the trail, Inca culture and answer our many questions we had. He truly made this experience fun and exciting for all of us and when we were ready to give up he would always come through with kind words and a friendly smile.

Our food on the trip was amazing. I was so surprised with the chef and his helper's culinary skills. They made amazing breakfasts, lunch and dinner that made you feel full and I was also impressed how they were able to cater to all the different food preferences or choices i.e. vegan, lactose intolerant,etc. We also were woken up every morning by a warm cup of coca tea which was just perfect to start the day.

This experience would not have been as enjoyable as it was if not for Victor. He truly makes this adventure spectacular. This tour company is lucky to have such a wonderful person leading their tours. Thank you Victor for an experience I will never forget.

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