A test of the Mind Body and Soul

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March 13, 2013

Howdy Howdy, Ya´ll. We had a wonderful time on our trek to Machu Picchu. Inca Trail Reservations was more then awesome when it came to planning, doing and and accomplishing the unimaginable. From the start we had a wild and crazy expierence. Our Guide Gerrson and all the porters were amazing.

Once doesnt realize exactly what these guys put themselves through to assist you until you are actually there. A big thanks to all that helped us on our memorable Honeymoon.

Day one was hard on us as we were still aclimating to the altittude. Upon arrival to the campsite we were treated to an amazing meal and fun commrodery. In the morning we were greeted with a cup of cocoa leaf tee and warm smile.

Day two was agrreabley the hardest day but still had a blast. From the Tip top of Dead womans pass also know as Warmiwanuscca we accomplished what we thought we would never be able to endure. at 4200 meters it certainly took a toll on the mind body and soul. WIth the help of everyone and the praise and comroddery we devoured the peak and continued on down the other side. All the Archeological sites and beautiful surroundings we jusy awe inspiring.

Day three was the easiest of all the days as we were able to have a much deserved sleep in and a nap after lunch. Some more site greeted us as well as warm cute smiles from the local llamas.

Day four was the moment we had been waiting for and the moment I have been waiting for since I was a young child. Overseeing the Magestic view of Machu Picchu brings many emotions that many an expierence could not derive. All the strenous paths, pain, etc paid off for what will be an expierence of a lifetime , one that sooon wont be forgotten.


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