Hard rocks, High peaks and furry Llamas!

by: , Caucasian -
March 13, 2013

Our experience was so amazing. My husband and I both agree that this has been our best adventure yet. We were a little bit nervous starting off that I would actually be able to make it to the finish line, but I did.

Day one I started off carrying my own pack and after the first few hours my poor husband had to take it from me and carry it along with his own. Luckily someone in our group had an extra porter and we were able to hire him to carry my bag.

Everyone says that day two is the worst day but we had a wonderful time that day. Yes the trek part was hard but all the waterfalls and gorgeous views you saw throughout the day made up for it all. It rained on us most of the day and it seemed like most of the time we were climbing up waterfalls from all the water on the trail, but we were ahead of our group and by ourselves and had such a great bonding time together.

Day three was so cool because we stopped at an archealogical site and got to play with the Llamas there. We also had birthday cake for one of the members of the group that night. It was amazing the things the cook could make out in the wild.

Day four we got up super early but it was totally worth it when we made it to Macchu Picchu. We loved every moment of our experience, our guide Gerrson was amazing, and we loved all the porters in our group.

We would definatly do this again!

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