Amazing Andean Adventure

by: , American -
June 26, 2013

I embarked on this journey with vague expectations of what I was going to experience, but was pleasantly surprised to discover how wonderful the trip was. The tour company handled our transportation and accommodation in Cusco and everything ran smoothly.

The actual hiking began on a smooth incline up through a grassy valley that took us along the ancient remains of an Incan canal system. The altitude was severe, but the sights were worth it. We gazed upon pristine glacial lakes and kept our eyes to the sky to gawk at the shimmering white mountain tops.

The second day of our hike was by far the most amazing. We started in rocky grasslands, ascended to the snowy peak of Salkantay mountain and then dropped back down into cloudy rain forest. In one fell swoop we saw four different ecosystems.

The following days continued to take us through breathtaking views and majestic vistas. We swam in rivers, dipped in hot springs, and sauntered along mountain sides. And all of this was before even seeing Machu Picchu! The ancient ruins met all my expectations and I learned many fascinating things about the marvelous place.

I came away with a deep appreciation for the Andean region and everything and everybody that is contained within it. The tour company did a great job of feeding us, guiding us, preparing amenities for us and making it a trip of a lifetime.

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Inca Trail Andean Adventure

Nasca Hummingbird
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