Breathtaking experience

by: , British -
April 10, 2015

Breathtaking views and breathtaking at altitude !

Day 1 - settles you in to what to expect from the walk, giving you exposure to the different terrains (well that's what you think anyway !). Carlos skillfully guided us to the first Inca settlement and the first camp. This is the most luxurious camp with a normal loo and we ate in a barn.

Each night we were told what to expect for the next phase of our adventure and the challenges we might face. The reputation of day 2 is well deserved. My group were beating the average times to each stage and was running just over the average (sometimes a little more). I was never left alone and was given support to help me reach each stage feeling like "I can do this !". I had amazing support from my group and Carlos introduced us as our new family and that's how it felt.

With day 2 completed we all thought day 3 would be a breeze and it was less challenging than day 2, but very long and on tired legs. We had plenty of breaks to capture the amazing views and catch our breath. At this stage joints were aching, but spirits are high - Machupicchu was in sight ! Our last supper finished with the porters and chef celebrating a successful walk.

Day 4 starts at 3:00 am and Carlos managed to get us through checkpoint as the 2nd group, so we made it to the Sun Gate to capture our pictures before the masses ! We finished with a tour of Machu Picchu and there ended our tour in the safe hands of the Inca Trail Reservations .

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