Camino the Inca June 2014

by: , Dutch -
June 22, 2014

I had a great group, Janet and Manuel were fantastic. We started off with an easy walk off course from km 82, not long after we were already set by a nice lunch made by the cook Damian. We were in a small group and we headed off together.

Next morning the great porters Mario and others gave us a wake up call with a nice warm drink, amazing. Once going, we were off and had a long walk ahead of us, we joked and also sometimes it wasn't easy, the hill up especially with the pass, once made we were very proud of ourselves.

The third day was a pleasant walk through jungles and we had a good time, saw also hummingbirds. At night we had a group dinner and had our last dance with our group, although dancing like is not for me, I went along with it. The last time at the horrible toilets, which I am not going to miss. For the rest the pleasure of seeing Machu Picchu was great.

Muchas gracias to Manuel, Janet, Mario, Makayo, Damian, Irinero who made the Camino the Inca possible. Hasta luego.

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