Inca Trail 4 days & 3 nights

by: , USA -
June 22, 2014

This trip was amazing! Our guides and porters took such great care of us. It was so neat to stay at someone's home in one of the villages along the trail. Thankfully a local guy agreed to join us and carry our bags the 2nd day. Thank God because I got sick from the altitude and would never have made it! In addition Manuel carried my camelbak to help with my breathing. Also, Janet made sure to stay with me and go at a slow pace.

Your guides are amazing and I really felt like I was being taken care of by family. The porters were so nice and so strong!! The food was amazing and each one was just the best! And how in the world do you make a cake on the trail?!?!? Please please please figure out the baño situation. I would have rather gone to the bathroom in the bush the entire trail than use the holes in the ground. Thanks again for a wonderful tour and such an amazing experience!!!

Special Package:

Inca Trail Andean Adventure

Nasca Hummingbird
This 15 Days Adventure takes you to remote places of interest in Peru, such us the amazing Colca Canyon and the enigmatic Nazca Lines. Finish your adventure on top of Machu Picchu after following the Inca Trail. *