Clueless in Peru

by: , USA -
June 08, 2016

Peru has been one of my top bucket list items to visit. While this was one of the most beautiful I've seen and maybe the most beautiful mountains, my downfall was that I was ill prepared. I feel this is for a well seasoned mountain hiker and preparation is critical to have a full experience you seek.

The staff exceptionally polite and helpful. For me I saw that as confirmation of one of the Peruvian cultural characteristics. I also had an appreciation of the work ethic of both tour staff and general population I observed. I was especially impressed and grateful for our tour guide Raúl. I felt he took his job seriously and was genuinely concerned and empathetic to our needs. Mine especially since I needed special consideration as I ran into problems in adjusting to the situation. He was very meticulous in his communication and quite motivational when necessary.

I highly recommend this tour to those that well prepared and seeking an aestheticall unique and spiritual mountain hiking experience.

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