No Pain No Gain

by: , USA -
June 08, 2016

This trip will be one I remember forever. It was very demanding and rewarding. Best views I have ever seen. The guide Raul was very upbeat and accommodating. Fun guy to hike with. Gave out extra blankets and pillows when asked. Going from the high altitude mountains to the jungle was pretty cool. Also did zip lining for the first time.

For some recommendations on preparing for the trip, the first night will be very cold if visiting during the winter months. A sleeping bag rated at freezing temps will be a must. Also time to acclimate to the high altitude is a must as altitude sickness can be brutal combined with the cold weather.

Bring at least five shirts as some can get wet and many layers will be needed at some points of the trip. Pants that can unzip into shorts will make life easier. Food is provided but I would recommend bringing your own food also.

Special Package:

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Nasca Hummingbird
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