Days were hard, nights even harder

by: , Dutch -
September 16, 2017

Leaving Cusco early in the morning, to hike for Machu Picchu, still full of energy. Meeting the new guy Andres aka 'Costa Rica' and having a lot of fun during the first small hills.

Lunch and diner were amazing, but than the sleeping. The matrasses were very thin for a long heavy Dutch dude, so the first night was quit sleepless.

Second day, promises to be the hardest, was a nice walk. Rain on the top made it a little bit too adventurous and wet. After another sleepless night de third day appeared to be harder than the second. With clouds the whole day long we made a lot of mystical pictures. Too bad there was no view. The third night, so tired evem the thin matress didnt stop me from sleeping.

And then finally the end-goal. The last day getting up early, so we could wait for 1,5 hours to start walking. But it went as a charm, the weather was perfect and the views even better. Not after a long time we arrived at sungate and from there the fairy tale was complete.

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