Easier Inca Trail

by: , Finland -
June 12, 2014

The Inca Trail started really nervously for me, I had heard so many stories about how hard the second day is and how people barely make it. Well the first day was a beautiful walk in the park for me. Enjoyed the scenery and didn't think it was hard at all. The best part about the first day was to get to know our amazing group, eat the delicious food (enjoyed every meal) and just hike!

The second day was the one I feared. But I was surprised! I didn't have any problems with the hike. Not with the high parts, although they were tough they were not really crazy, and the downhill was OK. Third day was a bit harder but with good spirit we all made it. Machu Picchu was beautiful and Manuel's tour was great! The only sad thing was that it was really cloudy when we were up in Sun Gate.

So I really enjoyed the tour, although it was way to expensive for my backpacker budget!

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