El gringo loco

by: , England -
March 19, 2016

My Machu Picchu adventure was amazing. I'm not the most fit person but I managed to do it, first day was a breeze, no real challenge for me here and already some nice ruins and some good informative background on them from our guide. Second day was a big challenge, being unfit with ex smokers lungs and the added effect of high altitude made for a rocky ride but the feeling of conquering those stairs was well worth it. Sadly visibility was not the best because of low clouds but the magical misty mounting feelings made for a unique experience all of its own. Day three, it started to rain quite a but, but spirits where at an all time high after parrying and reposting the mega day two. So any Hard parts where no real issue. Day four, Machu Picchu in sight (sort of) as we set off at 03:30 the rain started again and the narrow paths where slippery and wet, but I never felt in an danger. As we approach the sun gate the cloud is so thick that it steals our view of Machu Picchu but we hike on! Upon finally reaching Machu Picchu the cloud was still thick but the sun gradually burns it away and after a long, wet, sweaty hike I finally received the gift of that mountain which was truthfully the most breathtaking place I have ever visited!

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