Misty Picchu

by: , Sweden -
March 19, 2016

It was great. Felt well taken care of by guide, cook and porters. The sleeping bag and sleeping pad were a bit big and hard to carry cause there's no chance of it to fit in my bag. I carried my own stuff.

Food was good but maybe the meat was a bit dry at times. But vegetables were great. Happy hour was great, drank a lot of tea. I liked going on the hike alone, when Victor, our guide, told us to go on our own speed the second day, it was great.

Overall I loved the inca trail, it was epic, amazing. Views were great. Even though our trek finished with two days of rain and a very misty Machu picchu, the last hours the weather did clear up. Machu Picchu was extraordinary, I get why it is a world wonder. Also carrying my own pack made the entire trek not only amazing in views but gave me a rewarding challenge.

It felt wonderful to finally finish the tough day 2. Inca Trail Reservations gave us a great experience for a good price. At least 100 usd loser than competitors. Cause I got to choose what to include in my Trek.

Waldemar - Suecia

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