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August 20, 2014

It started off with a pre dawn pick up in Cusco. As my brother and I waited in our recently purchased Peruvian attire we were herded into a local's taxi, at which point we were welcomed with a lovely smile from a local man and as we began to roll down the cobbled road he turned to us with a questioning face and dribbled out the word 'airport'?. Kurt turned to me and we both started to laugh. 'That was a short 5 day hike hahaha'.

The hike started at 3600 meters, I can safely say my blaza attitude towards low levels of oxygen at high altitudes, soon became a grasping reality, by grasping I mean grasping for my breathe like a one armed brick layer in Bagdad that's just finished building the Empire State Building.

All in all it was by far the best hike I have done to this date. With an extremely diverse topography and amazing scenery around every corner. I would recommend the Salkantay trek to anyone. Just come prepared with warm clothing, etc.

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