by: , New Zealand -
August 20, 2016

I cannot recommend this Trek enough. The porters will leave you astonished and in awe of the physicality of their role.

To Watch men close to 50years old runnimg treachorus mountain landscape with 25kg on their back, while you have a backpack less than a third, sucking in oxygen with every step. What more can I say. The food was far more than I expected, especially given how far it travelled and the limited facilities.

It was really tasty and you did not go hungry. Now the Guides. These Guides really made the Trek for me. I would personally like to mention and thank; Juan Carlos Cruz Calla, Marco Antônio Misme Collantes, Edson Luna Huamani and Sérgio Sallo Huarhoa. These men are ridiculously funny, genuíne, happy and really knew how to bring a group of strangers into a family. My perceptions of Peruvian people will always hold high regard due to these men. And lastly, the views.

Breathtaking. These mountain scapes are incredible and walking the original stone trail of the Inca people will leave you amazed at what was accomplished during this time.

Lasting memory. Thank you Peru!.

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