by: , New Zealand -
August 20, 2016


Hell of a trip! Thank you so much for your kind hospitality. You were great hosts and really portrayed the kind nature of the Peruvian people.

I had reservations about how much I would enjoy treking uphill at altitude before coming, but the trek has ended up being the highlight of my trip!

You're clearly a highly experienced operation in terms of the Machu Picchu trek and I would honestly find it hard to improve on the experience you've provided. Better toilets would be great but I think we all appreciate the remote location and the difficulties in actually providing this.

I would also like to extend my thanks to Jordan and the kind gentleman (I can't remember his name sorry) that dropped off our sleeping bags and also sorted out a new permit for me as my passport had expired. He went out of his way it it was really appreciated.

So again my deepest thanks boys. Was a great trip, made special by you guys. Juan Carlos, Marco Polo, Edson and Sergio, you guys were awesome. I couldn't' have asked for a better group.

I better make a shout out to all the gringo's on the tour also! From the South Africans, English, French, Swedish and the Germans, they were a great bunch that I was stoked to share the experience with. I hope we made the experience enjoyable for you guys also.

And thanks to the porters. Those guys are next level. Hardest workers I've ever seen!

If you're ever in New Zealand please look me up. Me casa, su casa.



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