Hardest thing you will accomplish

by: , USA -
April 09, 2013

Go in with an open mind and realize this may be the hardest thing you have ever accomplished. I thought I was in pretty good shape, running and doing stair climbing. However, with the altitutide and the trek itself it kicked my butt.

I was pleasantly surprised at the ease at arriving into Cusco and being picked up by a representative. The briefing for the trek ahead was straight forward and I was nervous but looking forward to getting out there.

This is when I had to let go. We we told to be ready at 5am for the bus pick up. Instead we were picked up by a car and I asked where the rest of the hikers were. Our guide said in broken English we were meeting them at Mollepata. This is when there was a disconnect with our limited speaking English guide and our actual trek. In actuality, instead of a group of 5 hikers. It was me, my best friend, the guide, the horseman and the chef. It was nice to have a private tour, but the limited English with our tour guide was at times frustrating. But not to take away from the trek. It was amazing. The views were breathtaking and the atmosphere is just undescribable. You just stop and look around and can not believe where you are, communing one with nature.

Even with the limited English our guide Ghildon was super sweet and tried his best to accomodate us. He was in great shape, never appeared winded and always had a smile on his face and a great attitude. The food is the most surprising. We brought extra bars for our meals and trek. However, we are going home with most of them. The food is sooo delicious. Our chef Cirilo was great. We ate all our meals, loved happy hour and the early am room service with our coca tea. Only complaint about the food is, I wish they had more protein with the meals. I am not used to mainly carbs so it was a small adjustment.

Overall it was a unforgetable trip, it was one of the hardest trek I will ever do but after your done you have an incredible feeling of accomplishment.

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