Outstanding Views

by: , USA -
April 09, 2013

Reflecting back on the trek: great value for the price paid, a couple of unexpected glitches but overall a great experience! The fantastic thing about a guided tour, and this was my first, was the guide pointing out things that would normally be missed when solo-hiking: a flower along the trail, an edible fruit, the Incan history of the trail you are on...

Everyone involved in the trip, from pre-planning, the guide, the chef, the people who´s campsite we stayed at, friendly, smiles, despite the language barrier (my limited Spanish)

The views along the Salkantay trail were fantastic, hiking up to Salkantay Pass, the challenge of the elevation, the hard work involved, sweat equity knowing that you are accomplishing something along the way to the goal of Machu Picchu made the trip that much more enjoyable.

It definitely is hard work, early mornings, long days, however the guide does a good job of explaining to you what the expectations are for the next day hiking.

Recommendations for along the trail: puffy jacket, rain jacket, rain pants, light gloves, light hat, make sure to layer your clothing because as you go along you will be peeling off layers and then re-placing as the hike ends and you are at camp eating dinner.

The food was much more than expected, expect a lot of carbs, rice, potato, bread, request more egg protein if you want, Chef was very accomadating to serve extra portions.

Maintain your flexibility, when the small glitches come up, a mis-understanding because of the language barrier, a taxi shuttle that isnt readily available, let it slide, you are out in nature.


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