Hiking the Inca trail

by: , USA -
June 15, 2014

My Inca Trail experience was a great one. Inca Trail Reservations gave great instructions prior to starting the trek, and took care of everything along the way. Originally I was worried about the length of hiking each day and whether I would have enough food during the trip.

First off, the guides made sure to explain each party of the trail before embarking on it, and broke each day up well so I was never too tired. The food was excellent as we got three full meals every day. The guides and porters would even wake you up (it was at about 5:30 most mornings) with a cup of hot tea to get you ready for the day. The porters were all extremely pleasant and helped a lot to lighten the load.

The guides gave a great, inside view into the local culture and were insightful on the local ruins we stopped in. The trip was a great one, and much more manageable than I imagined before going. Four days seems like a long time but each day brings new sights and experiences making sure that nothing seems long or boring. With the enthusiastic porters, helpful guides, and amazing scenery, this is a trip that I will never forget.

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