Inca trail 3 nights 4 days

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August 23, 2013

The Inca Trail is a very testing challenge for all ages and fitness levels. The first day started relatively easy there where some small incline sections but nothing I couldn't handle. After maybe an hour or two walking we stopped for lunch as you will do everyday.

The food the porters and the chef where able to produce in such a remote area with limited capability was very impressive and was consistent through out the the trek so don't worry about going Hungary there is always plenty left over.

Enough about the amazing food though and more about day two probably the hardest day for most, if not all. Not going to lie about it there is a lot of steps and then theirs some more and a few more after that just what you need in the morning it gets quite cold up at 4200m but as soon as you start descending you´ll soon warm up soon you´ll arrive for lunch and then its another load of steps not so many this time but still tiring after you've been fatigued by the morning activity's.

Once you decent this path then off to the camp site for a well deserved rest. The next day is easy its Andes flat which I'm sure you will come to know and the scenery is amazing so many stunning views of the valleys and mountains and its easy on the legs too. Around lunch you´ll come into camp and will have more off a chilled out afternoon no trekking that afternoon only a very large ruin to explore (lots of steps) and maybe have a little dip in the walker fall if you fancy another challenge and if your a real out doors person a ice cold shower and I mean cold.

Day four its an early one up at 03:30 on the move by 4 and then wait at the route control for about an hour and a half but don't worry the waiting is worth it once the gate opens thats it a dangerous narrow path to the sun gate and then on to Manchu picchu.

I was first to the sun gate that day pushing my way past the slower hikers almost falling 300m to my death at one point and scaring some american girls but once I pasted the slow groups I had the path to myself running as fast as I could to but as machu picchu came into view at the top of the final few ridiculously steep steps at the sun gate it was an overwhelming feeling of achievement made all the more special with my favorite part of my favorite song playing through my head phones as it slowly came into view. unbelievable I will never forget that moment.....ever.

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