Inca Ghost trail

by: , british -
August 23, 2013

Ok , firstly , if you think the Inca trail is going to be a stroll , think again . I took part in this trek along with two friends & six other people, all were mostly who half my age . My two friends are part of the British army , needless to say , most were a lot fitter then I over the ground , I also had to deal with the fact that I had a stomach bug which rendered me useless in terms of energy . The pace I would suggest is a quick walk with stops , however , when the rain comes down , the cold sets in and all you want to do is continue . We encountered snow on dead woman´s pass for the first time in four years , which believe me was very very cold . When we arrived from the summit at a lunch stop , the whole party was shivering with cold . The steps up and down are relentless and never seem to end , all this said the trail was a fantastic place to be , but be wary you need to be fit , or you will otherwise be walking into camp in darkness at around 20.00 rather than 1700 !! . Two parties were turned back due to the snow , so please don't take this trek too lightly ! .

Ok , so where does the ghost trail come into it , whether it is common knowledge or not , approximately two people die on the trail each year , mainly due to heart failure and falls leading to such conditions , there then begs the question , are there any mysterious happenings along the trail. Our guide informed us that a woman with reversed feet had been seen to walk the trail at night just below Dead woman's pass , although there is no connection between the two , The cries of an Argentinian girl can be heard at one of the camp sites etc etc , this made for a bit of a somber mood, but an anticipated edge to the remainder of the trek . We had an Argentinian guy fall about fifteen feet but suffered no serious injuries . Many of us fell which resulted in bumps and bruises .

Enough about the carnage , the porters the guide the food was excellent, the camp sites are great , and to sleep above the clouds creates some great picture opportunities . Inca Trail Reservations were very good and helped with all of our concerns , I would like to write more but am running out of time , The trail is a life time achievement and a major accomplishment to somewhere so far off , do this now and don't wait ........but be fit and don't underestimate a fall in the middle of nowhere.

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