Inca trail 4 day

by: , British -
March 01, 2013

Before we set out on the prestigious Inca Trail we were a little apprehensive after paying the whopping $500. However soon after begging the trek we realized that is was all going to be worth it we shot through the second day taking in the spectacular rio urubamba. Our Guides were very efficient and fast however were able to anticipate when a break was needed. They spoke good Spanish, English and French. We were warned that the second day was going to be a long slug, not to mention we climbed to 4000m twice in one day.

The weather held up and we crawled into camp that evening, tired but feeling good about the feat we achieved. The third day was a welcome break only 4hrs of walking all down hill, however this section earn t its name for a reason, 'the gringo killer' as 2500 knee busting steps but, surrounded by incredible views and dense forest made it feel as if you were coming toward something great. Food at meal times was always well revived, i can't recall a single bad meal, i especially enjoyed the popcorn and hot brews at happy hour after each days trekking.

The final day saw a early rise but for good reason the early the better and we managed to get to the front of the queue and reach the sun gate looking at Machu Pichu first, it was an incredible view and well worth the hard 4 days. Machu Pichu first hand was astounding and made even more worth while by the testing but magical Inca trail.

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