Inca Trail adventure

by: , USA -
July 21, 2014

The first day started a bit rough because I hadn't slept nearly enough even though Eddy told me I should. We arrived at the trail and began our march. I had no idea what I was in for. Somehow I made my way through the first day and thought that I had survived the first trial. The second day began with a great breakfast and we hit the trail refreshed and ready for the next test. I though I was in shape but I had no idea the day ahead of me.

Eddy and Hilton were great and kept telling us we could make it. Halfway up the Dead Woman's Pass every piece of my body ached and I could no longer breathe. I began taking breaks every 15 steps. Once I neared the top my crew encouraged me to keep going so I did. Once I reached the top it was all worth it the view was incredible. We did a ceremony at the top and soaked in the experience. That night we camped and ate like champions. The dinner never tasted so great.

Day three was easy compared to day two and the views were incredible. I stopped often to soak in the mountains and jungle below. I had never seen such beauty. We visited several Inca sites that day each one more beautiful than the last. That night our dinner was even more grand and we ate all of it. We awoke at 3 and trekked to Machu Picchu on day four. Once we reached the Sun Gate and saw the beauty below nothing could have prepared me for the site. All the pain in my legs and lungs was worth it. We had made it.

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