Inca trail excursion

by: , USA -
December 12, 2012

The Inca trail excursion was probably one of the most rewarding yet strenuous adventures of my life!

Despite being what I consider pretty fit, the altitude was something that I was not prepared for. The first day on the trail was smooth sailing. We saw some amazing sites and got to camp closed to dusk. The food was amazing, especially the afternoon meal. I really appreciated the tea four times a day, the cocoa tea made us strong and helped us endure the altitude.

Day two of the trip was the hardest. We had to climb to the top of a 13,000 ft summit, and it was raining all day. As we got higher it got colder and my rain gear was not quite adequate for the rain that was coming down. However, after only a day together our group bonded and they were there every step encouraging each other to make it to camp! The challenge wasn't over once we hit the top. Going down was even harder because it seemed like we were walking through a river bed. Boy did I wish I had hiking boots and some walking poles when I slipped on a wet rock and water was just streaming by me as I sat there about to Cry. The inca trail definitely got the best of me, but I am stronger and know that I can endure anything now that I have completed it.

The pain in my legs and lack of sleep was well worth the reward. Not only did I get to experience the majesty of Manchu Picchu, but I met great people along the way from all over the world. It was such a rewarding experience to be brought together by a common interest and then to realize how people, no matter where they are from, can laugh and talk about the same things and in those moments you realize how people really aren't that different after all! definitely I recommend this company Inca Trail Reservations .

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