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by: , USA -
December 12, 2012

I recently decided to trek the inca trail. At first I was unsure as to what this trail was going to be like but the second we hit the orientation meeting I knew that I was going to have a blast. We headed out with my 30 lb backpack not sure what to expect.

Day 1 was a breeze, we got to see a handful of ruins on semi flat trekking trail. Day 2 on the other hand was quite the experience we trekked through a massive amount of stairs in miserable weather. I have literally never been so cold in my life the porters were flying by us and it made me laugh as I was stopping every 5 minutes to catch my breath. Overall, the trip was beyond amazing, from the porters to the guide to the amazing food the cook made. The group of people that we met on the hike was remarkable. 16 people from over 8 countries. Inca Trail Reservations made me feel at home with the service and hospitality.

I would definitely recommend this trek and company to my family and friends. The food was absolutely amazing, the first day we had some sort of beef thing with vegetables, I wasn't a huge fan I the trout we had that night but I was again satisfied as we got omelets on the morning. Hands down my favorite meal was either the stir fry beef we had or the quinoe and chicken drumstick that we had.

Our group was amazing we laughed together we cried together and we told jokes and stories from all of the countries that we were from. The last day as we turned the corner and saw Machu Picchu I was literally in awe I had no idea that it was going to be as majestic as it was. Victor our tour guide did an amazing job as we walked around the Machu Picchu ruins helping to pair a picture of what it was like thousands of years ago with the rooms, and acqducts.

Seriously, hands down the most amazing trip I have ever been on. Bittersweet as it came to an end. Thankful to have a hot shower, but sad to leave the family that I created in those 4 days.

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