Inca Trail… not sure I would still be married

by: , USA -
November 11, 2014

This trip has been on my bucket list for a long time. My wife of a year and I decided to come for our anniversary. Being from Florida (elevation sea level), we were not prepared for the altitude. The second day of the hike was the toughest for us as we approached the summit of Dead Woman's Pass. Each step felt like a labor of Hercules, and my legs did not want to do what my mind was telling them to do.

This was my wife's first time hiking and sleeping in a tent... I thought she was going to kill me multiple times along the way. I still enjoyed every laborious step, as the views melted the pain away. Our guides Victor & Hilton along with our cook and porters were amazing, and with their positive support we made it to Machu Picchu. My wife loved it and forgot about the hard days as we walked along the ruins.

I would recommend Inca Trail Reservations to my friends and anyone else considering making this incredible journey !

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