Kiwis on tour

by: , New Zealand -
December 01, 2014

Not the easiest thing I have ever done but well worth the effort. Hiking down from the Sun Gate to Machu Picchu on the final day you definitely feel like you have achieved something and have the right to look down on the day trippers. We were incredibly lucky with both the weather and the people we had in our group. By the end of it we were as close as a family.

The food was excellent and I have never seen people work as hard as the porters. The guides were good with the youngest Jorge (Horhay) my favorite even though his English was basically non existent. Conversations consisted of Hoooorhay, Vamoos Horhay. Ci Horhay. This has by far been the highlight of my South American adventures so far. P.s. Raul drank all the rum and had nightmares.

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