Inca Trail trek to Machu Picchu January 22, 2012

by: , Australian -
January 22, 2012

this was a really great trek!!! we left at the end of january which is the wettest time to complete the Inca Trail and it was still amazing! Through, quite literally the rain, hail and shine that we recieved over the four days the campsites were always well organised prior to our arrival and the food was always at a really high standard.

The leaders of the group made sure that everyone was made to feel part of the group and were nothing but supportive. Although this is not a trek that everone will feel as though they can, or should, make part of their Machupicchu experience i would reccomend that it is made a priority on the travel itinerary.

the scenery along this route is unparalelled to anything i have ever seen as we were taken thousands of meters above sea level and into the cloud banks. the rainforests secrets and stories were all shared along the way by our guide as he explained the different flora and its place not only in ancient history but in todays world. the tour was in english also which, unlike other tours we´ve been on, made the experience accessible to the whole group.

its one of the best experiences i´ve ever had! I would definately recommend it to everyone!

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