Machu Picchu trip January 15, 2012

by: , US Citizen -
January 15, 2012

Thank you!!! I had a wonderful trip and made so many good memories. I want to go back to the Amazon!!! There is one guide who stuck out and that was Alex at the Amazonian Lodge. He was a wonderful guide and was very patient with us since we wanted to see birds and he showed us what species it was in our guide books we had brought. It made the trip to find a person that knew so much and could translate that into english for us. All of our guides were good and we loved the staff at Andenes al Cielo! As for your company, I will definitely use you again to book tickets as it was all so smooth and our transfers were always there. That says a lot and I was very pleased to have an idea what to expect. I met so many people who didn't seem to know what they were doing.

I wanted to ask you if women were allowed to be guides? I didn't meet one women in the Amazon and I was considering asking if I could work there, but thought it would be rude. I have a Biology degree and saw that conservation interpretation was one thing that was lacking.

I work for the Government here in the US and wanted to know if it was even possible to work in Peru as a female guide translating and promoting environmental awareness?

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