Inca Trail trek to Machu Picchu March 28, 2012

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March 28, 2012


this is my story really short so you will have some idea about you coming trip... what to bring and what to expect.

Sacred Valley tour was really interesting, talking about the different Inca culture history and common belives.

Pisaq ruins was really interesting and the market place was great (better and cheaper than Cuzco). Lunch was GREAT- big buffet and really tasty.

The hotel in Ollantaytambo was really good with great hospitalities and facilities.

I met my guide in Ollantaytambo and went with our group to the first checkpoint and waited a long time,

then we started walking and the hike was really nice.

we had dinner (the food is incredibly good throat the hike!!!!) I could not believe that they are cooking like this while hiking- three cores meals with gourmet food!!!

We got to see a lot of Inca ruins, a lot of flora and fauna, our guide was telling us the different usage of the plants and what you can do with it today even...

About the gear;

the tents were really good, so does the mattress...

we played cards in the dinning tent (yes there is a dinning tent....!) and we had tea and biscuits for snacks- really good food.

The second day was the hardest because you get to climb the most and go down A LOT of steps (you should bring walking sticks --> with a rubber cap(!!!). and maybe even a knee strap if your knees are bad....

My guide was good, the food was good, all the paper work (train and hotel reservation) was really good.

If you read this you should know to bring card game, a torch (for light), a warm sleeping bag, some warm clothes, a good raincoat, and water just for the first day, because they can fill your bottle water every morning (they are boiling the water for you).

have fun, enjoy, and try to learn about the Incas even before you go so you will have even a greater experience.

try to go the next day to MacchuPicchu as well because you don't know what will be the weather and you might loose your amazing view from the sun gate.... and besides Agua Calientes is really nice place to stay just one more night ;-)

so I really recommend this company Inca Trail Reservations . thank you so much.

Gil Moneta

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