Inca Trail trek to Machu Picchu March 31, 2012

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March 31, 2012

The Inca Trail , I set out on an adventure with Inca Trail Reservations not knowing what I was expecting and getting me into, but it turned out to be a experience of a life time. I left on the 31st of March praying that I would get through it without being subdued with rain and bad weather although having rain on the third morning and last night of the trek I could not have asked for a better experience. Yerson and Deyves were guides and they were excellent. They filled us with knowledge on the Inca Trail and Inca’s culture everyday while being respectful and helpful to everyone in our group not leaving anyone behind are left out while we walked and discussed the trail. The Porters were great carrying our supplies for the 4 days and the food was always prepared on time and in good taste, knowing how hard it would have been to carry and that and still stay far enough ahead of us to set up camp for our comfort I give props to them they definitely no what they are doing.

Through my experience on the trek I found the second day to be the most treacherous, while heading to the summit of dead women’s pass there were some moments that I felt totally exhausted and wondered if I could carry on, but after making it to the summit it all felt worth it. The hike down from the Pass was great knowing that we had crossed are largest summit of the trek. That night they told us ghost stories of the trail with had my girlfriend a little nervous of going to sleep not to mention the lack of oxygen available her mind was playing tricks on her. I blame Yerson for me not getting a good sleep for that. The third and fourth day were still as grueling but you knew that you were getting closer the end which unveiled Machu Picchu from the Sun Gate which was a sight probably the most beautiful site I had ever seen.

Thanks to Yerson and Deyves and the porters and Inca Trail Reservations for the experience of a life time and I would recommend this agency to anyone. Thanks.

Robert Hamilton.

On March 31st I set out on the Inca Trail to take on the full experience to Machu Picchu. I had been waiting for this day for 15 years.

On the first day the weather was beautiful and the hike was easy at this point. Our guide Yerson was very informative every step of the way. We saw locals and their houses (which I was not expecting) and was able to see how they lived on the trail. The first lunch stop was a great experience in which I was not expecting such great food.

The second day was treacherous. It rained the first couple of hours and the stairs up to dead woman’s pass was harder than expected. My partner and I were out of breath for most of the walk but took the opportunity to take as many pictures as possible. That night at our camp our guide told us some ghost stories, we didn´t believe them but that night because of the lack of oxygen I spend all night having nightmares of his stories.

On the third day it rained all morning until we stopped for lunch. After lunch the sun came out and it was amazing views for the whole way to camp. When we arrived to camp we had an amazing camp sight and just 4 feet from our tent door was a drop off of the side of the mountain. That was a great experience.

On the fourth day we woke up early in the morning to get in line for the opening of the gate to Machu Picchu. The walk was amazing and a little scary when we passed where the mudslides of 2010 had taken out trees and left very little of the path to walk on. Ginkgoes killer stairs seemed like a piece of cake from day two. When we reached the sun gate I couldn´t believe my eyes that I had made it!! The view was amazing.

When we reached Machu Picchu Yerson was very knowledgeable about the history and the recent findings of the lost city. I had learned so much more from him then I had ever expected.

I will always cherish this time in my life and will recommend Inca Trail Reservations to anyone who asks about my experience.

Crista Meriam

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