Inca Trail trek to Machu Picchu November 21, 2011

by: , Danish -
November 21, 2011

Inca trail

Briefing: Felt a little unnecessary, but the idea of meeting the group the before the hike is good. Maybe move it to another place like a café or a restaurant.

First hiking days: It was very nice that you could walk the second day at your own speed. The sights on the way were well explained by the guide (Victor) and the tour itself would have been worth it even without the Machupicchu on the last day. The food was excellent! Only thing I would change is a little more fibers and other things that keep you full for longer at the breakfast.

The sleeping bags need to be able to handle lower temperatures. The second night was cold even after we were told that it wouldn’t be a problem with the rented sleeping bags. Besides that no complains.

The guide (Victor) was great. He knew a lot and he wanted to talk to us outside “working hours” second guide (Gito) is going to be a very good guide to. He seems to want to do this, and that is the most important thing.

At the Machupicchu:

The tour could have been a little longer. But it was amazing that we got to the sight it time to see it without all the tourists. That was the most important thing of the day, and without blaming the company, the sight lost a lot of the charm as tourists arrived with the train.

Overall: I will recommend this company to other travelers!

Ida Busch Nielsen

I went on the Inca Trail 4 days, 3 nights. It was a really nice trip, we were only 9 persons and that made the tour very nice, because in that way we became closer as a team. Our guide Victor was really friendly and made the tour more exciting, because he knew so much about the ruins and he tried to talk with each person in the group and he was always happy and in that way he kept a good feeling at the tour. It was also very good that there were two guides on the tour.

The food was also really good, and there were enough to everybody and it was nice with the small surprises as fix. Happy-hour. The distances were really perfect, enough time to relax when we arrived to the camps and always a tent to be in when it was raining.

The porters where also very friendly and fast.

The last day, when we arrived to Machu Pichu was a bit long without lunch, because we ate breakfast at 4 am. So I was really hungry when we arrived to Machupicchu and therefore I was a bit tired and hungry when we went to the tour at Machupicchu, and that was a bit sad, because Victor had so much to tell us. So in that case it would have been nice with a snack or some food, because the food on Machu Pichu is really expensive.

Sofie Louise Hansen, Denmark.

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