Inca Trail trek to Machu Picchu November 20, 2011

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November 20, 2011

We took the Inca Trail trek towards the end of November which is the beginning of the wet season and were lucky enough to have great weather and a fantastic trip.

Our guide Carlos was amazing and passionate about showing us sights and giving in depth information about everything we saw. Any question that we had he managed to answer in much detail.

One of my favorite parts was visiting the Inca site located just outside the camping site for the final night. This spot was beautiful and as it was not part of the main trail there were hardly any people visiting it in the late afternoon and we could explore with it almost to ourselves.

I get cold easily so was sure to bring along lots of warm clothes which I was really grateful for. The second night after the summit pass was very high and we got rain which made it cold. I slept in clothes as the sleeping bag alone wasn’t enough for me.

The food was great, and when we had long hikes we were given a snack to take along. I took chocolate along myself which was great to have.

We had a few people in the group who wanted to trek much faster than others, and some who were slow because they had sickness from the altitude. I was glad to be able to trek ahead of the group and not be held back by the slow people, although some days there were lots of sites and we had to wait for the slower people to catch up.

Coca leaves are great to have because they give you a boost in energy and help with the altitude. Id recommends staying in Cusco for at least 3 days before the trek. Most people who had altitude problems had only a day or two to adjust before the hike.

I got a porter to take my things. I was pretty cautious about making sure I didn’t go over the weight limit, but really I think I was way under. I would have liked my flip flops for the evenings, and waterproof pants would be a great idea. Bring a poncho!

Take your time on the 3rd day because it’s beautiful.

Take lots of film and batteries. Enjoy!

Kim Dawson

New Zealand

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