Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu April 06, 2012

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April 06, 2012

We had a very good time at the trek even if we had some stomach problems and blisters on our feet. The second day is the hardest day because you walk so far and you are going upwards for about 3 hours to the highest point, approximately 4600 meters, before it starts to go down for a very long time. On the way down it was very muddy and it was hard to walk on the trek.

The best thing with the trek was at the moment we where at the highest point and knew that we had managed the hardest bit of the trek.

But of course, Machu Picchu, the main reason with this trek was absolutely the best. We had prepaid our tickets to get up to the mountain Huayna Picchu which is something we totally recommend other people to do. It is only 400 people a day that is allowed to climb the mountain so it is important to buy your tickets in advance.

So even if we where very tired in our legs and bodies from our hiking previous days we thought that it was worth to use the last strength in our muscles and climb the mountain because of the beautiful view. It was also pretty funny to see that we where the only Swedish people who climbed the Huayna Picchu mountain that day.

If you are going this trek we totally recommend you to bring at least two pair of shoes and maybe one pair of sandals so that you can change if you get blisters or other problems with your shoes. One of us used tree pair of shoes plus that one other girl in our group used one pair of our shoes because she had only brought her walking shoes.

The food during the whole trek was really good and we where very surprised that we got two or three courses to every meal and that they had really good popcorn with cheese on top for the afternoon tea.

Even if the rainy season is over we had some rain each day and our tents was not 100 percent rainproof so some of our clothes got really wet but we had pretty good whether when we where walking so they dried pretty fast.

Our guide was really good and had good knowledge about the trek and the surroundings. He was a bit quiet and sometimes walked in his own speed but overall we felt that he was helpful and well organized.

We totally recommend other people to do this trek, and it's a pretty good feeling to tell the people that walked the Inca Trail that we have walked both higher and the double distance than they had. we recommended this company Salkantay.Org , thank you very much.

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