Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu April 21, 2012

by: , USA -
April 21, 2012

It was great experience. Salkantey trail is one of the best trek I ever did in my live. Hike is not easy, especially second day, but everything has been prepared pretty well and whole group had great time hiking together. Route is amazing: we climbed Salkantey Pass at 4600 m, with amazing views of snowy 6000+ picks on both side of the pass.

Food was so good: very authentic and delicious. I have no idea how chief and his assistant was able to prepare such good food without special equipment and professionally equipped kitchen. At 3rd day we arrived safely at Santa Teresa. We visited hot springs, which was so relaxing after hiking more than 20 kilometers this day. Finally we arrived in Aquas Calientes on the fourth day of the track. Night at hostel with hot water! Man! After 4 days in the mountains it is unimaginable. Final day is a Machu Piccchu experience. Full day on the site allows to experience magnificent views and feel Inca ancient world.

So in general: very good, professionally prepared track. Guide, horse mans and chiefs did definitely their best. Important point: make sure that you understand what you are heading before you sign for the trek. This is high altitude, long, challenging trek. More than 100 km in 5 days. Weather is like Peruvian girls: unpredictable. So make sure that you understand where you are heading and don´t be surprised. And if you ready to go, I can definitely recommend this trek and this company.

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