Inca Trail trek to Machu Picchu April 30, 2012

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April 30, 2012

The Inca Trail was wonderful! We had a great time and really enjoyed learning about the Incan history. This was the first hiking trek that my friends and I have completed and even though our experience was a challenge the reward was breathtaking views and an insight into Peruvian history. Day 1 of the hike was exciting as we started very early and the weather was beautiful. The hike began with a medium incline and was not very difficult. Our tour guide was very patient and made sure we stopped when ever we needed to take pictures, or have a short break. The second day, however, was a challenge! It began with a steep incline and the trail went through a combination of covered treetop areas and more barren terrain. We reached the peak of 4200 km on day 2 and we were all tired but it was a great feeling of accomplishment! Day 3 was also great and was packed with with many Inca sites so be sure to have your cameras ready! And day 4, MACHU PICCHU! Our tour guide Emilio was very helpful and gave us a lot of information along the way about Inca culture. The views were amazing and the experience is unforgettable. I can´t wait to tell my friends about the great time I had on the Inca Trail ! thank you Inca Trail Reservations !

Charvis Bates

Washington, DC - United States

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