Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu March 12, 2012

by: , Norwegian -
March 12, 2012

This was a great tour that we enjoyed a lot, but we can’t get everything in this text. We were five Norwegians, and there were also two Americans joining our group. We went to their office to get some information. They picked us up at our hostel, and the trip was ok, but we had to change vehicle at the breakfast stop. We had to take a truck to the starting point, and that was a good and interesting journey where we got to see a lot of beautiful nature. The guide was great: positive, funny and he explained everything good. He was helpful and he had lot knowledge about the trip and the history. He was with us the whole trip, also to Machu Picchu. There he knew a lot about the whole history behind Machu Picchu. The cooks couldn’t be better, we had amazing food every day. We got great breakfast, lunch and dinner. Almost every meal was a three-dish course! The horseman was also very helpful, especially when some on our group got sick. They had trouble with their stomage, but were able to sit on a horse or drive in a small bus to the next stop.

We would recommend this agency to others that want to go the Salcantay trek.

Greetings from Norway: Mari, Tiril, Gabriel, Sara and Elin.

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