Pacha Mama excursion in beautiful Peru!

by: , USA -
November 23, 2016

I had an incredible time!!. Henry was our tour guide and he made the experience both meaningful and insanely fun.

We explored ruins near the river at the base of the mountain and then took the ancient Inca Trail s up to Machu Picchu, passing gorgeous scenery and waterfalls on the way. Henry enlightened us with all of the cultural heritage of the Inka people including their amazing advancements in medical science, astronomy, and architecture and the importance of recognizing Pacha Mama.

I learned so much and will remember this trip for the rest of my life. Henry named our group "sexy pacha mama's children" and by the end of the trip we were absolutely a family . loved my time in Peru and this voyage was absolutely the highlight!.

Thank you!!.

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