Salkantay 5d 4n trek – into thin air

by: , USA -
August 04, 2014

I hiked the Salkantay trail with a group of 4 friends, all recently graduated law students. The terrain and altitude were challenging, and left me with a sense of accomplishment after we summited the highest section of the trail, which is about 4,630 meters above sea level.

Our friendly and energetic guide, Carlos, shepherded us through the most difficult sections of the trail with words of encouragement and nuggets of information about the pass, Inca civilization, and the diverse flora and fauna of the Andes. He also gave us an excellent tour of Machu Picchu.

Overall, the trip was excellent - the hike itself is rich with beautiful views, great camp food, and camaraderie between different groups of hikers. Our group opted to purchase a canopy zipline extra, which was breathtaking.

Things to be aware of:

The high altitude is very challenging - be aware of that going in. The terrain can be difficult at times, and the weather at the top of the mountain can be very cold. Once you get to the later parts of the trek, be aware that Peruvian buses are very small, and they pack you in tightly. Bring warm clothes and snacks, plenty of water, and be prepared to get to know your guides and fellow hikers well. For all that, I can heartily recommend this trip.

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